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Welcome to ZELL international dermatology and cosmetic laser & surgery center. ZELL international dermatology & Cosmetic center provides wide range of dermatological & cosmetic procedural services based on the uncomparable international expertise by Dr Park, director of ZELL center. ZELL international clinic is designed for international patients who both lives abroad and stays in KOREA temporarily with language barrier.

Considering each’s different desire and circumstance, we will try to make up the best personalized schedule and treatment program. The director, Dr Park can take care of English speaking patients without translator and for other languages, the corresponding translator will be arranged upon prior appointment.

This outstanding personalized international services will begin with email contact and appointment.

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Dr. Jongmin Park is a nationally recongnized dermatologist. His office is located in Cheongdam, Gangnam gu, which is the epicenter of Korean beauty and fashion.

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